Merciless Roenna

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1550 2301 Huntsman's Copse Warlock Mask
Priestess Set
Cursed Bone Shield

Merciless Roenna is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Merciless Roenna Information

  • Can be respawned by using a Bonfire Ascetic at the Undead Lockaway Bonfire.
  • Mostly only appears when you're in human form or reached a certain location.
  • to farm for her equipment, make sure you have opened the cave shortcut, cast Yearn to lure the Skeleton away, ignore the Necromancer, rush to her spawn point, then the two Artificial Undeads will not spawn, next, keep casting spells until she drops the mask, if she didn't drop anything, go kill the Skeleton Lords and then farm her again.
  • Unlike Dark Priestess and Aldia Warlock, whom their character models are male, Roenna's character model is actually female.
  • Since Roenna spawns close to a cliff, one could easily dispatch her with a fast casting chime and the miracle Force.




Huntsman's Copse. In Dark Souls II she invades as you make your way along the cliffside just before the Skeleton Lords boss fight. In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, she invades in the clearing at the end of the natural ramp found on the cliffside in the area before the Skeleton Lords boss fight.




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    • Anonymous

      Fast attack, fast defeat29 Aug 2016 11:02  

      Being aggressive also works well with Roenna; I'm using a greatshield and a Magic Bastard Sword +6. She can and will wear down stamina easily if you try blocking her whole attack chain- but, on the bright side, she also staggers easily as well.

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