Alsanna, Silent Oracle

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
? ? Grand Cathedral Soul of Alsanna

Alsanna, Silent Oracle is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Alsanna, Silent Oracle Information




Grand Cathedral. Found at the top of the staircases in the Grand Cathedral.




  1. Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle (if hasn't given it yet)



Loyce Soul Rewards

  1. 5 x Loyce Soul = Loyce Gauntlets
  2. 5 x Loyce Soul = Loyce Leggings
  3. 15 x Loyce Soul = Loyce Armor
  4. 35 x Loyce Soul = Loyce Helm
  5. 50 x Loyce Soul = Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle, unlocks Ivory King Armor purchase at Majula




- Approaching Eleum Loyce for the first time
You, approaching Eleum Loyce,
Turn back.
The old Chaos hungers still.

- Approaching Aava, the King's Pet fog gate
Go back.
Aava is watching.
Go back.

- Approaching Eye of the Priestess
Turn away.
And never look back.
No one must ever find
that which is sheltered in Eleum Loyce.

- First Conversation in the Cathedral
To think Aava could be bested…
Who are you?
This land is barren,
Cursed, by the old Chaos.
It gave birth to atrocities,
and the people fled in fear.
Until our lord, the Ivory King, came.

- Second time talked to.
My dear lord, a most true king.
It was with his magnificent soul
that he built Eleum Loyce…
…and contained the spread of Chaos.
But the Chaos would not be sated,
and the King gave his own soul.

- Third time talked to.
Inevitably, the King was drained of vigor,
and plunged into the Chaos' heart.
Eleum Loyce was frozen in time, it's leader lost…
I remain here, to contain the Chaos,
honouring my Lord's wishes.
Perhaps one day, he will return…
There's nothing here,
save that accursed flame…

- Fourth time talked to.
I have but one wish.
That my Lord might be freed
from that unspeakable Chaos.
I haven't the strength to help him myself,
but perhaps one such as you…
Though I am yet to know your name,
stranger, will you lend me your strength?

- Answering No
Then be gone.
There's nothing here, nothing at all.

- Speaking to her again if answered No previously
Are you now prepared to plunge into Chaos?

- Answering Yes
Kind visitor, I thank you.
Let me open the path to Chaos.
And please, do all you can…

- After answering Yes
Many of Eleum Loyce's faithful knights
followed their Lord into the Chaos.
But none of them returned.
The King's dutiful subjects waited
patiently for His homecoming.
But it was too long a wait to bear…
The knights of Eleum Loyce await a new leader.
One who will guide them into Chaos.

- After having freed all Loyce Knights
The knights, reborn will follow your word.

- All dialogue exhausted
Go on, kind visitor.
May you reach your journey's end, one day.

- When Killed
Oh, my dear lord…




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      Killing her29 Aug 2016 11:01  

      I have a big time deciding... I really want Eleum Loyce, but I get like 0.25 Loyce Soul per fight, and I do have Prisoner taters and Symbol of Avarice equipped, + Covetous Gold Ring +2... and I use rusted coins... so... what will happen in NG+ if I kill her?

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