Lone Hunter Schmidt

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- - Black Gulch -

Lone Hunter Schmidt is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Lone Hunter Schmidt Information

  • NPC summon available at the Black Gulch and (in SotFS) at the Shrine of Amana as a shade
  • He wields a Composite Bow and a Small Leather Shield
  • He wears the Wanderer's Set without the hood
  • He fires Iron Arrows (that inflicts disappointingly little damage) and (obviously) never blocks with his shield, since he does not have a melee weapon of any sort as a close-quarters option
  • His shots have longer range than expected, which probably means that he also wears the Hawk Ring
  • He can surprisingly make head shots, especially against invading players




Black Gulch. He appears near the black pools before the fog gate leading to the Rotten boss fight.
Shrine of Amana. He appears as a shade summon in the hut where NPC phantom "Felicia the Brave" used to be.




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    • Anonymous

      He was actually pretty helpful in my recent playthrough in Amana. He will either pick off the sorceresses first or aggro the Archdrakes away from them, (including the obnoxious healers). Made the section leading up to the third bonfire much more bearable.

      • Anonymous

        Summoned him in Shrine of Amana on the way to the next bonfire and he just aggroed a bunch of enemies with his arrows. Super ganked.

        • Anonymous

          He actually has a shortsword but rarely equips its.... summoned him in black gulch and he swapped his bow out for it briefly.

          • Anonymous

            Personally, the worst summon out there. Aggros more than 3 enemies at a time in an unwalkable water and does nothing but watch me die while enemy gets close.

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