Fashion Souls in Dark Souls 2 is a term used to describe aesthetically pleasing and cosplay outfits that show player creativity for Dark Souls Builds. This page is dedicated to showcasing such creations. You can add your own fashion by replicating the formatting below.

Fashion Souls: Dark Souls 2

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Goblin Slayer

(Author: Gr4ndp4_4rt0r145)

  • Heide Knight Iron Mask
  • Royal Swordsman Armor
  • Alva Gauntlets
  • Royal Swordsman Leggings
  • Drakekeeper Sword, Target Shield, Other Straight Swords, Club, Longbows, Manikin Knife, Torch, Any Items, Fire Arrows & Iron Arrows.

Black and White Knight

  • Heide Iron Mask
  • Aurous Armor, Aurous Gauntlets
  • Elite Knight Leggings
  • Sun Sword and Fume Straight Sword

Sunken Queen

author - JuStSmOkEaBlUnT

  • Armor - crown of the sunken king,
  • Xanthous coat,
  • Agdayne's cuffs,
  • Black boots' long sword.
DarkSoulsII 2017-04-08 23-25-12

Knight of the Forest


  • Royal Swordsman Helmet
  • Benhart's Armor
  • Alva Gauntlets
  • Alva Leggings


  • Benhart's, Throne Defender, Bell Keeper

No weapon in particular. Looks best with axes and straight swords/greatswords.


Fabulous Bearded Undead

Author: SishaFisha


Dark Spearmaiden

Author: Anon


Poison Knight


  • Charred Loyce helm
  • Sanctum knight armor
  • Charred Loyce guantlet
  • Charred Loyce leggings


  • blossom kite shield
  • black scorpion stinger

Dark Templar


  • -Aurous helm
  • -Alonne Captain chestplate
  • -Alonne Knight gauntlets
  • -Bone King skirt


  • -Estoc
  • -Watchdragon Parma

Red Eye Ring makes you look cool. It may not be your thing, so try it out and see if you like it.



Author: faburisu

  • Thief Mask
  • Grave Warden Cuffs
  • Alonne's Leggings
  • Left Hand: Fire infused Reinforced Club
  • Right Hand: Reinforced Club + Pyromancy Flame to use Fire Weapons Spell on Fire Infused Reinforced Club
  • Item: Charcoal Pine Resin to use on Reinforced Club
  • Blade Ring , Flynn Ring , Fire Clutch Ring

Blind HeitZerker

Author: Vestort


  • Grave Warden Mask
  • Imperious Armor
  • Royal Swordsman Gauntlets
  • Elite Knight Leggings


  • Right Hand: DragonSlayer's Cresent Axe

Left Hand:

  • Bound Wooden Shield

Anubis, Egyptian God of Death

Author: Inferfire


(right hand)

(left hand):

Comment: A hex build character. The weapon recommendations are for extra fashion style but not ideal for PVP.



Author: Massie

Comment: Should be used when invading (blue/red) for maximum effect.


The White Knight, Obanieth

Author - TheModernBro

~Armor~Elite Knight Helmet
Mirror Knight Armor
Faraam Gauntlets
Heide Knight Leggings

~Weapons~RH1: Longsword OR Estoc, whatever fits you best.RH2: Alonne Greatbow
LH1: Magic Shield
LH2: Idol's Chime 


    • Anonymous

      02 Jan 2019 02:00  

      (Knight of the Light) Dragon Acolyte Mask or Crown of the Ivory King, Heide Knight Chainmail, Royal Swordsman Gloves, Steel Legging

      • Anonymous

        12 Sep 2018 02:57  

        This is a pretty good mage build and I think it looks pretty cool too. Armor:Helm of judgement, Black Robes, Manchettes of judgement, Tights of judgement RH1:Staff of wisdom RH2:Blue flame LH1:Sanctum shield I personally think it looks better On female charachters. This is actually a really fun set to use and it's pretty good.

        • 05 Sep 2018 10:49  

          got 2 simple ones here, the first is a bit edgy, here they are; Dark drangleic sword, drake-keepers shield, penal mask, llewellyn Armor, gloves,and leggings second is my fav, Bastard sword, Pursuers great-shield, Insolent helm, Royal swordsman armor, Black gloves, and the mad warrior leggings! First is called McEdge, second is called Wandering warrior!

          • Anonymous

            13 Jun 2018 11:35  

            I Have A Good One!

            Old Iron King Crown
            Raimes Armor
            Raimes Gauntlets
            Raimes Leggings

            I Call This The Dark King!

            • Anonymous

              05 Jun 2018 22:38  

              Here's a good one:

              The Dark Knight

              Fume Sorceress Hood
              Ivory King Chestplate
              Black Gloves
              Rogue Leggings

              RH1: Uchigatana
              RH2: Pyromancy Flame +10
              RH3: Lightning Mastodon Halberd +10
              LH1: Fire Uchigatana
              LH2: Kings Shield

              Spells: Flame Weapon

              Items: Anything, really. Keep any resin on you at all times for the Uninfused Uchi. Enjoy the beauty! (FYI, this character would look better as a female)

              • Anonymous

                13 Feb 2018 16:51  

                The Corrupt Judge
                Mask of Judgment
                Raimes Armor
                Chaos Boots
                Raimes Gauntlets
                Old Demon Hammer (usually two-handed)
                Shadow dagger

                • Anonymous

                  13 Feb 2018 14:12  

                  I got two awesome outfits to share.

                  Name: Overlord
                  -Warlock Mask or any Helmet that is black and edgy
                  -Black Dragon Armor
                  -Smelter Demon Gauntlets
                  -Havel's Boots

                  Name: Sorceror/Sorceress
                  -Saint's Hood
                  -Dingy Robe
                  -Engraved Gauntlets
                  -Chaos Boots


                  • Anonymous

                    05 Feb 2018 03:17  

                    ok, i got something, only style tho
                    Spanish Conquistador
                    Infantry Helm
                    Royal Swordsman armor or Knight armor
                    Traveling merchant gloves
                    Faaram boots
                    Espada Ropera
                    Steel parma *optional*

                    • 30 Jan 2018 01:37  

                      My favourite look includes
                      Chaos Hood, Throne Defender Armor, Black Leather Gloves and the Throne Defender Leggings
                      With a Greatsword and Drakekeeper's Greatshield


                      • Anonymous

                        14 Jan 2018 05:37  

                        I'm sorry id don't have pictures
                        War Torn Guardian
                        BUILD: any type except chunky or fat
                        ARMOUR: Syan Helm
                        Insolent Armour
                        Wanderer Manchets
                        Faraam Boots
                        WEAPONS: right-hand longsword and blue knight halberd on either slot
                        left-hand royal kite shield in 1st slot and heavy crossbow on 2nd

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Dec 2017 02:44  

                          Hi.Im trying to make an otoman warrior like build, with iron parma and falchion.Any idea with the armor pieces?I donĀ“t have any dlc unfortunately :(

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jul 2017 15:23  

                            Dark Dealer Warlock mask+Nahr Alma Robes+Engraved Gauntlets+Chaos Boots

                            Wepons: Right hand Espada Ropera(dark)
                            Left hand Blakc Witch's Staff

                            Rings: Simpletons ring+ Dark Cluth Ring+ Southern Ritual band( orGowers Ring of Protection + Flynn's Ring

                            • fashion souls [DKS2 Wiki]26 Apr 2017 10:26  

                              Oh and this is my last one sorry
                              BLIND SAGE
                              RH/ Staff of Amana, Witchtree staff (for when your hollow) Espada ropiera
                              LH/ Witchtree bellvine,
                              Any spells and miracles but no hexes
                              Armor/Black witch domin mask, leydia white robe, dark gauntlets, dark greaves.
                              RINGS/ Blue clearstone +2 southern ritual +2 spell clutch, lightning clutch

                              • 26 Apr 2017 09:52  

                                Also this one. (My current build but it looks awesome)
                                TRIBAL SHAMAN
                                RH/Bone staff dark infused. Thief dagger dark infused.
                                LH/Pyromancy flame
                                SPELL/Black fog ,whisper of dread,Numbness,dark hail, toxic cloud, acid cloud, lingering flame, chaos storm.
                                ARMOR/ lion warrior helmet, tattered cloth robe, hollow soldier gloves, brigand trousers.
                                RINGS/ blue clearstone ring +2, southern ritual band+2, fire clutch ring, dark clutch ring. It's really fun! Try it out!

                                • 26 Apr 2017 09:39  

                                  I apologize that I don't have pictures.
                                  DARK DUELIST
                                  RH/ Chaos rapier or spider silk. Black bow.
                                  LH/ Lleywn shield and parrying dagger.
                                  Armor/ Mirrah hat, black leather armor, falconers glove, benharts boots.
                                  Rings/ Stone ring, Ring of blades+1or2, Old Leo ring, Ivory warrior ring. Hope you guys like

                                  • Anonymous

                                    01 Apr 2017 10:16  

                                    Sunsis - (Female counterpart of Sunbro) or "Sun knightess."
                                    Xbox 360 GT: Ansradar

                                    Helm: Lion Warrior Helm
                                    Armor: Ruin set
                                    Gaunlets - Ruin set
                                    Greaves - Ruin set
                                    Shield: Tower Shield
                                    Ring: Ring of Restoration (make sure you have that ring's orangle aura on)

                                    Other rings: your choice
                                    Weapons: your choice

                                    • Anonymous

                                      16 Feb 2017 17:41  

                                      dark minotaur

                                      minotaur helmet
                                      executioner chestpiece
                                      engraved gauntlets (or whatever that you think matched)
                                      smelter leggings

                                      • Anonymous

                                        29 Dec 2016 07:41  

                                        drake keeper helmet + throne defender chest + Drake keeper gauntlets + smelter demon leggings + greatshield of glory + crypt blacksword + resonant weapon = Abyssal Juggernaut

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