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Dark Souls 2 has two "official" sources for enemy names: the "FarFire" names based on official website; and, the FuturePress names based on FuturePress's Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Guide. If a FarFire name for an enemy exists on Beyond the Bonfire, this wiki uses that name. If there is no FarFire name for an enemy, this wiki uses the FuturePress name.

The FuturePress guide has enemy descriptions and also organizes enemies by game area; so, it's really clear which enemies their names refer to. The doesn't do either of these things. So, with the FarFire names, we've essentially had to guess which name goes with which enemy. Some are obvious, others not so much. This page represents our best guesses at any given point in time: things may change...

FarFire Name

FuturePress Name


Abandoned Hollow Captive Undead Huntsman's Copse, Harvest Valley, The Gutter
Alonne Knight Captain Alonne Knight Captain Iron Keep
Alonne Knight Alonne Knight Iron Keep
Amana Aberration Lizard Man Shrine of Amana
Amana Priestess Amana Shrine Maiden Shrine of Amana
Archdrake Pilgrim Lindelt Cleric Shrine of Amana
Banedigger Mounted Overseer Harvest Valley
Basilisk Basilisk Shaded Woods, Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Bell Keeper Bell Keeper Belfry Luna, Belfry Sol
Cragslipper Razorback Nightcrawler Black Gulch
Crystal Lizard Crystal Lizard See Crystal Lizard
None Dark Priestess Dragon Shrine
Darkdweller Dark Stalker No-man's Wharf
Darksucker Coal Tar Black Gulch
Desert Sorceress Desert Sorceress Earthen Peak
Dragon Acolyte Dragon Acolyte Aldia's Keep
Dragon Bone None Aldia's Keep
None Dragon Knight Dragon Shrine
Drakekeeper Drakekeeper Dragon Shrine
Ducal Spider Parasite Spider Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Entity of Avarice Mimic Earthen Peak, Iron Keep, Aldia's Keep
Executioner Torturer Huntsman's Copse
Falconer Hollow Falconer Things Betwixt
Flame Lizard Flame Salamander Forest of Fallen Giants
Flexile Sentry Flexile Sentry Shaded Woods
Foreign Wanderer Undead Traveler Things Betwixt
Forrest Grotesque Goblin Shaded Woods, Shrine of Winter
Gaoler Undead Jailer Lost Bastille
Giant Warrior Giant Memories of the Ancients
Grand Tusk Fanged Beast Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Grave Warden Grave Warden Earthen Peak
Great Basilisk Giant Basilisk Shaded Woods, Aldia's Keep
Great Giant Warrior Elite Giant Black Gulch
Great Poison Brumer Giant Acid Horn Beetle Shrine of Amana, Aldia's Keep
Guardian Dragon Guardian Dragon Dragon Aerie
Gyrm Warrior Gyrm Warrior Doors of Pharros
Gyrm Worker Gyrm Doors of Pharros
Hammersmith Undead Steelworker Harvest Valley, Earthen Peak
Headless Vengarl Vengarl's Body Lord's Private Chamber
Heide Knight Heide Knight Forest of Fallen Giants, Lost Bastille, Shrine of Winter
Helmed Skeleton Armored Skeleton Huntsman's Copse, Undead Purgatory
Hollow Crawler Undead Supplicant Brightstone Cove Tseldora, Shrine of Amana
Hollow Infantry Hollow Infantry Forest of Fallen Giants, No-man's Wharf
Hollow Mage Hollow Mage Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Hollow Mage (Black) Necromancer Huntsman's Copse
Hollow Peasant Undead Peasant Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Hollow Priest Dark Cleric Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Hollow Primal Knight Primal Knight Doors of Pharros
Hollow Prisoner Undead Prisoner Grave of Saints, Undead Crypt
Hollow Rogue Rogue Huntsman's Copse
Hollow Royal Soldier Hollow Soldier Forest of Fallen Giants
Hollow Varangian Varangian Sailor No-man's Wharf
Hunting Rat Corpse Rat Grave of Saints
Infantry Royal Infantry Memories of the Ancients
Ironclad Soldier Old Ironclad Soldier, Ironclad Soldier Forest of Fallen Giants, Iron Keep
Leydia Pyromancer Leydia Pyromancer Undead Crypt
Leydia Witch Leydia Witch Undead Crypt
Lion Clan Warrior Lion Clan Warrior Shaded Woods
Looking Glass Varlet Mirror Squire King's Passage, Aldia's Keep
Masked Manikin Manikin Earthen Peak
Milfanito Milfanito Drangleic Castle, Shrine of Amana
Mongrel Rat Dog Rat Doors of Pharros
Nimble Shadow Suspicious Shadows No-man's Wharf
Ogre Ogre Things Betwixt, Shrine of Amana, Aldia's Keep
Old Knight Old Knight Heide's Tower of Flame
Poison Brumer Poison Horn Beetle Earthen Peak, The Gutter, Shrine of Amana
Poison Moth Great Moth Huntsman's Copse
Primal Knight Primal Knight Drangleic Castle
Prisoned Sinner None Sinners' Rise
Prowler Hound Kobold Things Betwixt, Aldia's Keep
Prowling Magus Prowling Magus Shrine of Amana
The Pursuer The Pursuer Iron Keep, Drangleic Castle
None Red Crystal Lizard Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Roaming Soul Forest Guardian Shaded Woods
Rotten Vermin Corrosive Ant Queen The Gutter
Royal Soldier Royal Soldier Memories of the Ancients
Royal Swordsman Royal Swordsman Lost Bastille, Sinners' Rise, Drangleic Castle
Ruin Sentinel Ruin Sentinel Drangleic Castle
Rupturing Hollow Undead Citizen Lost Bastille, Sinners' Rise, Grave of Saints, The Gutter, Dragon Aerie
Skeleton Skeleton Majula, Harvest Valley
Spider Drone Parasitized Undead Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Stone Knight Stone Knight King's Passage
Stone Soldier Stone Soldier Drangleic Castle
Stray Hound Stray Dog No-man's Wharf, Lost Bastille
Swollen Mongrel Hunting Dog The Gutter, Aldia's Keep
Syan Soldier Royal Guard Drangleic Castle, King's Passage, Undead Crypt
Tseldoran Settler Duke Tseldora Lord's Private Chamber
Undead Aberration Enhanced Undead Sinners' Rise, Aldia's Keep
Undead Crypt Knight Imperious Knight Undead Crypt
Undead Devourer Enslaved Pig, Undead Pig Majula, Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Undead Huntsman Artificial Undead Huntsman's Copse, Harvest Valley
None Undead Laborer Huntsman's Copse, Harvest Valley, The Gutter
Wall Spectre Wall Warrior Undead Crypt
Witchtree Witchtree Dark Chasm of Old

  1. There is a boss of the same name in No Man's Warf. FarFire uses the same name for both.
  2. There is a boss of the same name in Aldia's Keep. FarFire uses the same name for both.
  3. Both FarFire and FuturePress use "Skeleton" to refer to the skeleton in Majula. This wiki simply uses the one Skeleton page for all skeletons in the game.
  4. Farfire uses only one name for this enemy, where FuturePress uses two. FuturePress uses "Old Ironclad Soldier" for the Forest of Fallen Giants enemy, "Ironclad Soldier" for the Iron Keep one.
  5. There is a boss of the same name in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. FarFire uses the same name for both.
  6. There is a boss of the same name in Forest of Fallen Giants. FarFire uses the same name for both.
  7. There is a boss of the same name in Lost Bastille. FarFire disambiguates these by calling the boss "Ruin Sentinel Yahim," "Yahim" being one of the names of one of the Sentinels in the boss fight.
  8. Farfire uses only one name for this enemy, where FuturePress uses two. FarFire does disambiguate between the two, using "Undead Devourer (Large)" in reference to the Brightstone Cove Tseldora version of the enemy. FuturePress uses "Enslaved Pig" for the Majula enemy, "Undead Pig" for the Brightstone Cove Tseldora one.

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