Prowler Hound

HP 150
Weakness Magic
Resistance Magic, Dark, Lightning
Immune -

Prowler Hound is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Prowler Hound Information


"These skittish, dog-like creatures inhabit the small meadow near the Fire Keeper's hut. Are these the Fire Keeper's pets, or simply a form of life native to the limbo that exists between Drangleic and the outside world? "






Strategy Tips

  • For the ones in Things Betwixt: I found it best with a weapon that has a good AOE in front of the players character and without locking on. These do not drop anything. Only the ones in Aldia's Keep drop what is found on the loot table.
  • Just kill one and run to a place where there is no grass to hide. Aim your camera perspective on the floor in front of you and just hit them like that until all are dead.
  • Kobolds in Aldia's Keep can petrify. 
  • fter killing all of them (5) until they stopped respawing, they gave me in total: 1 Black Knight Greatsword, 2 Black Knight Ultra Greatsword, 5 Shotel, 3 Crescent Axe, 3 Drakeeper's Greataxe, 1 Black Knight Greataxe, 2 Black Knight Halberd and 4 Affinity. I was wearing the Jester's Cap, the [[Covetous Gold Serpent 



  • Kobolds in Things Betwixt drops nothing. Used 2 bonfire ascetics just for testing.


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