Dragon Knight

HP 2,300/2,750/3600
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Dragon Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Dragon Knight Information

Warriors in Dragon-esque armour, they are very aggressive and can deal huge amounts of damage if the player isn't careful. Possible members of the Dragon Remnants covenant, they however, are hostile towards Dragon Remnants members.
As of SotFS they do not attack unless the player has a co-op phantom with them or runs from a fight with a Drakekeeper. (I do not know if it is solely SotFS or from a recent update. I played before the crown dlcs and recently with SotFS. -Gangis Burrito)





  • Dragon Scale
  • Black Dragon Warpick
  • Black Dragon Sword
  • Black Dragon Axe
  • Black Dragon Shield


Strategy Tips

  • --


Move Set

  • ??



  • --


    • Anonymous

      10 Jul 2018 03:59  

      why the hell does this site not have weaknesses listed for ANYTHING when all the other fextralife wikis do?!

      • Anonymous

        02 Nov 2016 07:53  

        Large/Great Club DEMOLISHES these guys. heavy attack will lay them flat on the ground , wait for em to start standing up and hit em with a second heavy attack for the kill.

        • Anonymous

          Seed of Tree of Giants03 Oct 2016 22:44  

          Using Seed of the Tree of Giants makes them aggressive towards both invader and host. I used it and died, after respawn dragon knights began attacking me on sight.

          • Anonymous

            Enemy has "Infinite Stamina."29 Aug 2016 10:57  

            Strategy: Like the dragon knights, these have seemingly infinite stamina despite their ability to move, run, and dodge as a player or a phantom would, making them akin to a phantom that never lets up on the attack. This makes them incredibly dangerous, but despite this advantage poison works well against them, if you can find enough breathing room to manage it twice. Poison Throwing knives are quick, and surprisingly, they stagger these incredibly durable enemies, enabling you to shore up two or three hits before they elect to dodge out of the way. Rinse, repeat, and watch out.

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