Dragon Knight

HP 2,300/2,750/3600
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns Yes

Dragon Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Dragon Knight Information

Warriors in Dragon-esque armour, they are very aggressive and can deal huge amounts of damage if the player isn't careful.
As of SotFS, they do not attack unless the player has a co-op phantom with them or runs from a fight with a Drakekeeper. However, if they have already encountered the Ancient Dragon, the player is able to run past the Drakekeepers, as well as have a co-op phantom alongside them.






Strategy Tips

  • They are fairly easy to backstab, and you should easily be able to chain together multiple backstabs


Move Set

  • ??



  • --


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    • Anonymous

      Funny how in the base game they were just some random mobs with nothing too special about them besides having the same moveset as a player, whereas in Scholar of the First Sin they're honor-bros who respectfully bow to you and let you freely pass provided you don't flee from a fight with one of the Drakekeepers or the one Dragon Knight who powerstances greatswords or of course you attack them first, one of the few changes that Scholar Edition made that i actually really liked.

      • Anonymous

        I'm in the Remnants and wearing the ring and the Dragon Knights are NOT attacking me. dropped an eye right in front of one, he doesn't care. maybe you have to get to level one or at least win a single duel for them to care?

        • Anonymous

          These guys are laughably weak to sorceries, 70+ int with +5 Staff of Wisdom in off hand and a +2 Clear Bluestone Ring from ng+ Skeleton Lords along with a +5 Broken Satiner's Spear in main hand does wonders for you. Make good use of Soul Spear, Soul Greatsword, Homing Crystal Soul Mass, and Cystal Magic weapon, it takes about 2 shots from any of these on an unguarded hit to kill a Dragon Knight (doesn't apply to Crystal Magic Weapon may take a few, but still hits like a train when buffed on Satiner's Spear). Of course, it's best you have like 60 attunement for an extremely high casting speed around 250, you could also have a few points in faith which is fine too as long as it all contributing to casting speed and you have at least 70 int to synergize with that S scaling on Staff of Wisdom.

          • Anonymous

            if you have equipped the king ring, all of the dragon knights are dont going to attack you, except the 3/4 near the ancient dragon. they have a special animation too(tested in sotfs for xbox one)

            • Anonymous

              I playes the game just once so far but they never attacked me. I didn't join a covanent so I don't know about that.
              But i did run through the area, so technically i did run from a fight with a drakekeeper. But they never tried to attack. Unless I attacked one. But ofter one death they were non-hostile again

              • I walked in wearing regular rings, a mix of Black Witch armur and armor of the Aurous, Uchigatana and Hunder's blackbow. They didn't aggro at all, they just bowed to me once and let me be. It all changed when I came up to the long stair with the Knights on the sides. Right in the middle of the stairs is a knight dual wielding their axes (or whatever it is), and he attacked me as soon as I got close. I ran past him up the stairs, and further up there were more knights (4 I think) that also aggroed me).

                My hypotheses is that the do not attack as long as you aren't using any dragon equipment (one comment suggested wielding the Dragon Tooth aggroed them), or get too close to the Ancient Dragon

                • Anonymous

                  It seems you only have to kill the Drakekeepers once, they didn't aggro at all when I ran past them after.

                  • Anonymous

                    Are the weapons worth farming for? What is the drop rate, does anyone know? they look cool but seem to have an abysmally low drop rate.

                    • Anonymous

                      why the hell does this site not have weaknesses listed for ANYTHING when all the other fextralife wikis do?!

                      • Anonymous

                        Large/Great Club DEMOLISHES these guys. heavy attack will lay them flat on the ground , wait for em to start standing up and hit em with a second heavy attack for the kill.

                        • Anonymous

                          Using Seed of the Tree of Giants makes them aggressive towards both invader and host. I used it and died, after respawn dragon knights began attacking me on sight.

                          • Anonymous

                            Strategy: Like the dragon knights, these have seemingly infinite stamina despite their ability to move, run, and dodge as a player or a phantom would, making them akin to a phantom that never lets up on the attack. This makes them incredibly dangerous, but despite this advantage poison works well against them, if you can find enough breathing room to manage it twice. Poison Throwing knives are quick, and surprisingly, they stagger these incredibly durable enemies, enabling you to shore up two or three hits before they elect to dodge out of the way. Rinse, repeat, and watch out.

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