Masked Manikin

HP NG: 290
NG+: 525
NG+7: 1,000
Weakness Magic
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Masked Manikin is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Masked Manikin Information

An agile, headless, poison-knife throwing enemy with many varieties, including those which wield knives, shields, bows, claws, and sabres.






Strategy Tips

  • Don't bother with bleed resist, since they do so much Bleed damage that no amount of Bleed resist will actually stop you from bleeding out.
  • Deadly at close range, try to take them out from mid to long range if possible, as they will likely kill you in mere seconds if in melee range
  • they have strong resistances to both bleed and poison



Claw (Drangleic Castle)

HP Weak Resist Respawns Souls

NG: ~825
NG+: ???
NG+7: ???

? Bleed, Poison,
Yes NG: 170
NG+: ????
NG+7: ????



Move Set

  • 5 Hit Slash: Quickly closes distance with a 5 hit combo
    • Absurd Bleed and Physical Damage
    • Builds high amounts of Blood loss when blocking
    • usually an OKO if all 5 hits connect
  • Poison Knife Flip: upon ambushing the player the will jump down then flip backwards throwing a knife mid air
    • High Poison Damage
    • Low Physical Damage
  • 2 hit Rush Combo: quickly closes distance with a 2 hit combo
  • Throat slit: after Guard breaking the player, they will jump over the shoulder and slit their throat
    • Cannot be Blocked
  • Poison Knife Throw: throws a barrage of Poison Knives



  • Manikin Set
  • Manikin Claws
  • Souls: NG: 170




    • 15 Feb 2019 10:47  

      One of them dropped the manikin Mask for some reason, really freaked me out because I thought my game was bugging and they were supposed to have heads after all

      • 27 Dec 2018 06:08  

        Okay, im going to fill in a lot of information here, Firstly they do not attack with fist, this is a template that's been left over. they also appear in Dragnleic castle in softs and are far powerful (if they arent bad enough) than the earthern peak ones.

        • Anonymous

          01 Mar 2018 03:39  

          I got attacked by a Manikin, it was somekind of parry, where I couldn't do anything, the Manikin slipped past me and slit my throat.

          Anyone else had this happen? It was the one that jumps down up the stairs right next to the second bonfire.

          • Anonymous

            17 Jan 2018 04:36  

            Why His weapons has no 5 Insta-hits combo or those jumping attack when the player uses them? Like the ghost blades in dark souls 1 with that multi-stab combo, i wish that dark souls 2 weapons weren't the same but in diferent skin cuz manikin weapons are the coolest looking but the same in moveset as any other of the same class

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