Ring of Soul Protection is a special protection ring in Dark Souls 2.
ring_of_soul_protection.png "Divine ring that watches over one's soul. Created by Ivory Rhones, sage of Lindelt.
Its great protective power will protect you from any loss upon death or petrification, but after its power is spent, the ring will break"


  • Do not turn Hollow or lose Souls upon death, immune to petrification (Player doesn't lose maximum hp after petrification). Breaks when activated but can be repaired for 14000 Souls in SOTFS version.
  • Durability: 340
  • Weight: 1.0



  • This ring is available as a drop from a black phantom in NG+ (does not work with Ascetic: tried it at both the Grave of Saints' and Majula's). At the lowest floor of the pit in Majula, the part with the 'Exploding Hollows', a black phantom will drop this ring along with a +5 Dingy Set.
  • This ring will break either when you die or when the Petfrification bar fills up. If it breaks after you are petrified once, it will NOT protect you from death afterwards and you WILL lose your souls and humanity when you die.
  • If you die without this ring equipped, you can equip it, and essentially die a second time and your original bloodstain will NOT disappear. This is most likely because you are not dropping a new bloodstain when you die with this ring on. This also applies to the Ring of Life Protection. This is a great way to retrieve souls if you do not want to wear this ring 100% of the time, and instead simply equip it when it's needed.

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