Heide Knight Set

Heide Knight Greathelm.png Heide Knight Chainmail.png Heide Knight Gauntlets.png Heide Knight Leggings.png
Stats Total
icon-physicaldef.png 567 icon-poisedef.png 49
icon-strikedef.png 532 icon-poisonres.png 185
icon-slashdef.png 606 icon-bleedres.png 139
icon-thrustdef.png 567 icon-petrifyres.png 0
icon-magicdef.png 97 icon-curseres.png 149
icon-firedef.png 124  
icon-lightningdef.png 84 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
icon-darkdef.png 171 icon_weight.png 28.7
Requirements & Bonus
icon-strength_22.png icon-dexterity_22.png icon-intelligence_22.png icon-faith_22.png icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png

Heide Knight Set is an Attire or Armor in Dark Souls 2. Armor sets do not provide specific benefits, so players are free to mix and match their preferred parts to optimize their Builds.


"Greathelm/Chainmail/Gauntlets/Leggings worn by Heide Knights"
"Whether Heide refers to a kingdom or was just a name for the land is not clear, for no records date back far enough to tell.
All that is known is that the Way of Blue has its origins in Heide, and that Heide was later subsumed by the sea."



Set Location




  • Upgraded with regular Titanite.
  • The best way to get the set (pre-SotFS) is to kill the knight in Lost Bastille: follow the path from Exile Holding Cells bonfire, since there's only one other enemy on the way. Using a greathammer will make this simple, as your heavy attack will stunlock the red phantom and the Heide Knight. If you are having trouble killing that Heide Knight, summon Pilgrim Bellclaire to your aid (her sign is found next to Ruin Sentinels' arena).
  • Heide Greathelm is a decent item for dressing as Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls, although the helm has an entirely different design, and is lacking the red feather on top.



Piece Information & Upgrades

First row = Regular. Second row = +10

Name & Icon icon-physicaldef.png icon-strikedef.png icon-slashdef.png icon-thrustdef.png icon-magicdef.png icon-firedef.png icon-lightningdef.png icon-darkdef.png icon-poisonres.png icon-bleedres.png icon-petrifyres.png icon-curseres.png
Heide Knight Greathelm icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png C icon-poisedef.png 11 icon_weight.png 6.0 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
Heide Knight Greathelm.png
59 56 63 59 10 13 9 18 19 15 0 16
119 111 127 119 20 26 17 36 39 29 0 31
Heide Knight Chainmail icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png A icon-poisedef.png 20 icon_weight.png 10.9 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
Heide Knight Chainmail.png
108 101 115 108 18 24 16 33 35 27 0 28
215 202 230 215 37 47 32 65 70 53 0 57
Heide Knight Gauntlets icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png C icon-poisedef.png 8 icon_weight.png 5.4 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
Heide Knight Gauntlets.png
53 50 57 53 9 12 8 16 17 13 0 14
107 100 114 107 18 23 16 32 35 26 0 28
Heide Knight Leggings icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png C icon-poisedef.png 10 icon_weight.png 6.4 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
Heide Knight Leggings.png
63 59 68 63 11 14 9 19 21 26 0 17
126 119 135 126 22 28 19 38 41 31 0 33
Totals 283 266 303 283 48 63 42 86 92 71 0 75
+10 Totals 567 532 606 567 97 124 84 171 185 139 0 149


Alonne Captain Set.jpg


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    • Anonymous

      One change I really appreciate in Scholar Of The First Sin, is the fact that you can actually farm for this set, It was impossible to get this set in the base game if you weren't the luckiest person known to humankind when it comes to armour piece drops and were somehow able to get all the armour pieces in one go for each knight since there were very few Heide Knights in the game and they didn't respawn.

      • Anonymous

        Armourer Dennis: Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man, don't kill me!

        Player: I'm not going to kill you. I want you to do me a favor. I want you to tell all your friends about me.

        Armourer Dennis: What are you?!

        Player: I'm Heide Man.

        • Anonymous

          I grinded Heide tower back and forth, using CoC just to make them respawned... started grind lv 70, completed the set at lv 126 holy zhiet.
          I know levelling up in this game is easier than DS:R but come one, whats with this drop rate lol

          • Anonymous

            I farmed two runs at the heide bonfire, left to buy the merchant cap, came back (with way of the blue covenant on) and showed up to player dropped items. Lightning lance+5 , heide spear +10, heide great helm+10 heide iron mask+10, heide chain mail +10,heide gauntlets+10 and heide leggings +10. H O W ? ! ? !

            • Anonymous

              I guess I just got really lucky, but I managed to get the full set in about 20 minutes. Try popping the coins that boost item discovery!

              • Anonymous

                Was able to farm the whole set on SOTFS in 2 hours, i had the merchants hat and watchdragon Parma on my back for increased item chance. Will officially never delete this character.

                • Anonymous

                  So I just killed the 2 guys near the bonfire in htof champion of covenants and roughly 3-4 hrs and had the sword and the full set dm great hammer helps so now there's a heid knight with a demons great hammer and mid roll lose on par also havel with a bk sword and 50 str in ds1 remaster

                  • Anonymous

                    I had to trade an onion set to someone for the full set he didn't have DLC fair enough trade i had another onion set so im feeling good.

                    • Anonymous

                      To anyone trying to farm the set at Heide's Ruins. Don't waste your time by just joining the Champion's Covenant, Heide's Knights wont drop set pieces until ascetic 2 If you have a LOT of rusted coins, MAYBE you'll ALMOST get the whole set at intensity 2. You can avoid a lot of aggravation by just setting the area straight to ascetic 3, THEN joining the Champion's Covenant It'll take you around 15 minutes to get the whole set like this.

                      • Anonymous

                        There's some conflicting information on pages; does the Set drop from the knights in Heide's Tower of Flame on NG, or does it require using a Bonfire Ascetic, or does it require Bonfire Ascetic AND Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1 (as the Heide Knight enemy page suggests)?

                        • Anonymous

                          I have farmed all the knights in Heide’s Tower to extinction, and then used covenant of champs for 5 fucking hours and still haven’t gotten the damn legs.

                          • Anonymous

                            Rarest armor set in the game by a longshot, surpassing even Drakekeepers and Syans. Also one of the best trade items. I wear full Heide when invading and I get a regular amount of messages from people asking to trade for pieces.

                            • Anonymous

                              They could have put a bit of the lore of Heide and the Way of Blue in the description of each set piece. This way you would learn something new with each different armour drop. It takes some time to farm in SotFS, but it's a great set. I'm just saying they could've put more lore into it.

                              • Anonymous

                                That set is so cool. I want that so bad that i used bonfire ascetic on the belfry gargoyles to get gold serpent ring +2 for the double drop rates so i can farm it. Took me like 6 hours to beat the damn gargoyles. It was brutal. I dont recommend trying the gargoyles at lvl 100 with bonfire astetic.

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