Poisonbite Ring is a resistance boosting ring in Dark Souls 2.
poisonbite_ring.png "One of several "bite" rings, known for their peculiar design. Increases poison resistance.
The similar, oddly disturbing design of these rings suggest a common source. Whoever the master craftsman was, he clearly knew his trade."


  • Regular: Increases Poison Resistance by 150
    • + 1: Increases Poison Resistance by 300
  • Durability: 140, 60
  • Weight: 0.5, 1.5


Before the first boss in Earthen Peak, behind an illusory wall only accessible using a Pharros Lockstone in the same room, which is down the poison hallway containing the Estus Flask Shard and to the right.
You can buy the ring after defeating the first boss in Brightstone Cove (Prowling Magus and Congregation). Just climb up the ladder on the side of the door and you will find the NPC ( in Dark Souls, a priest also sold the ring).
This Ring is found in the DLC "Crown of the Sunken King" At the first bonfire in Shulva - Sanctum City, after the first Sanctum Knight that is sitting down, look left and shoot the obelisk switch on a small piece of land across the gap. This raises a platform you drop onto. Once on the platform, go through the door on the left, and go up the stairs. You can find the Ring on the corpse on the top of the tower.

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