Thunder Quartz Ring


"A ring bestow upon students of a certain standard at the Melfian Magic Academy. It's lightning quartz increases lightning defense. Pyromancer Glocken crafted so many of these replicas that they became widespread, such that his fellow magicians harshly scolded him for undermining lessons gained from harsh training."

Thunder Quartz Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). Players can equip up to 4 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible. Some rings have upgraded versions, having a maximum of +3. Some can only be found in NG+. Rings can be repaired at a blacksmith, but not upgraded. Upgraded versions must be acquired throughout the game from corpses, chests, bosses, etc.


Thunder Quartz Ring Effects


  • +0 = 140
  • +1 = 110
  • +2 = 90
  • +3 = 75



  • Increases lightning defense by 50
  • +1 = 80
  • +2 = 100
  • +3 = 150



Thunder Quartz Ring Locations

  • Regular: Sold by Rosabeth of Melfia for 2,000 souls.
  • Ring +1: Found in a chest in Iron Keep that can be reached after using a Pharros' Lockstone or after going through Belfry Sol.
  • Ring +2: 1 sold by Royal Sorcerer Navlaan for 8,400 souls when it becomes possible to buy items from him.
  • Ring +3: DLC Crown of the Sunken King. Near the second bonfire in Shulva, on a corpse in one of the moving pillars that you use to get to the second bonfire. In the second closest pillar to the bonfire. On the higher ledge of the pillar, the ledge under it has a corpse with two Darknight Stones.




  • ??




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    • Anonymous

      There is a weird Glitch in my language (German) with the +1 ring you get from the mimic in Iron Keep. When I get the ring it says "Thunder Quarz Ring +1 (Lightning)". I don't know why the game tells me the (lightning) part when I pick it up. It doesn't has the (lightning) when in my inventory. Only when picked up.

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