Gower's Ring of Protection is a damage protection ring in Dark Souls 2.

gowers_ring_of_protection.png "The Ring of the assassin Gower, who has killed a half-dozen kings, and several distinguished clergymen.
Reduces damage taken from behind.
For an assassin. whose own life is always at stake, the greatest liability is one's exposed back."



  • Reduced damage taken from behind & prevents backstabs.
  • Durability: 75
  • Weight: 10.0



  • Shaded Woods (NG+, or use a bonfire ascetic on "Ruined Fork Road Bonfire" on your first playthrough). Follow the wall to the right after you go through the door to the misty forest. You'll find the ring on a dead body.
  • SOTFS - Drop from the Executioner's Charriot mini-boss in Drangleic Castle, in the second room after activating the Golem that moves the elevator.



  • This Ring decays extremely fast. The rate of decay depends on the weapon type it is struck with, the attack type (light/strong/two-handed/one-handed), and spell type. Most melee attacks will fall between 1-5 hits, however, most spells will take 10+ hits to break the ring.The ring's high durability resistance to spells makes it an ideal replacement to using a Havel's or Rebel's shield to counter casters as it weighs less and is just as easy to block spells with since the user just needs to turn their body around. This makes running away from casters completely safe by taking lag out of the equation if rolling.
  • Instead of using repair powder during a match to repair the ring, farm several rings by using the bonfire ascetic and switch out rings as they get low in durability or break.
  • This ring gives you the visual effect of a ghost clinging on your back.
  • Ring will last more hits if using a Bracing Knuckle Ring.
  • Very useful against certain enemies such as The Ancient Dragon as it will completely negate his fire which is usually fatal. (Doesn't negate damage as of Patch 1.06, but still reduces it)

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