White Ring is a cosmetic appearance ring in Dark Souls 2.
white_ring.png "White Ring"
A precious ring which grants the protection of Quella, god of dreams. Makes its wearer appear as a white phantom, misleading invaders.
He who sets the trap must be wary. For traps are known to spring upon their owners."


  • Makes your character take the appearance of a white phantom. Cosmetic effect only.
    • Does not remove PvP covenants rank reward aura while wearing as Dark Spirit.
  • Durability: 130
  • Weight: 1.0



  • Invaders tend to prioritize the host, and use of this ring as the host will allow you to blend in with your summoned phantom(s), countering that tendency, however, invader can still view the name of the host upon invading his world, and the name of both the host and phantom are displayed, this can be used as a counter measure.
  • Can be used to disguise as a phantom while invading.
  • Can be used to pretend to be an invader when hosting for the Rat King Covenant, allowing for you to trick invaders into trusting you before betraying them.
  • Does not change the colour of the Red Soapstone Sign

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