Yorgh's Ring is a defensive ring in Dark Souls 2.

yorghs_ring.png "Ring of Sir Yorgh, who sought the blood of a dragon and invaded Shulva.
Can deflect spells.
When Sir Yorgh faced Sinh, the slumbering dragon, he drew blood with a flash of his steel, but Sinh responded by spewing forth the poison that had long brewed within him, blanketing the city in a miasmic cloud."



  • Grants the ability of spellparry for all weapons, shields and greatshield bash.
  • Creates an aura that has a chance to deflect spells (like a spell parry) automatically.
  • Durability: 10
  • Weight: 0.5





  • This ring also has a chance to deflect the projectiles from the Moonlight Greatsword, Drakewing Ultra Greatsword, and the Ice Rapiers strong attacks.
  • The rings durability will only go down with the automatic spell parries and will NOT go down when using an actually parry. (L2 parry)
  • If the ring parries a spell while you are using a Homeward Bone/Aged Feather you will complete the animation uninterrupted, but you will not teleport to the last bonfire.
  • Testing in the Shrine of Amana with multiple Amana Priestess' projectiles at once over the course of ~1 hour, the spell parry is almost certainly 50% (sample size of 2756 shots with 1374 automatically parried).

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