King's Ring

kings ring

"A soul is much like a curse. And those with strong souls must bear within themselves an even stronger curse. Vendrick, King of Drangleic, used a powerful soul to keep the curse at bay. In the end, he sought the flame that began it all. Wear the ring to open the King's Gate."

King's Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). Players can equip up to 4 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible. Some rings have upgraded versions, having a maximum of +3. Some can only be found in NG+. Rings can be repaired at a blacksmith, but not upgraded. Upgraded versions must be acquired throughout the game from corpses, chests, bosses, etc.


King's Ring Effects

Durability: 110

Weight: 0.2

  • Opens the King's Gate doors located in Drangleic Castle (near first bonfire), Forest of Fallen Giants (at the bottom of the ladder near the second bonfire), and Shaded Woods (Up the middle path near the Ruined Forked Road bonfire)
    • The ring only needs to be equipped the first time a player opens a door. Afterward, the player may reopen King's Gate doors by standing near them.
  • Also adds slight damage boost of +5 to Pyromancy Flame & Black Witch's Staff, adds damage to fire based weapons. Any weapon or catalyst that deals fire damage is given the +5 bonus. In most cases within NG+, you will only see a +1 AR difference if whatever you're using to attack has more than one damage output. (ie fire and lightning).
  • Increases damage of pyromancies by 0.5-1%
  • Best to be paired with +5 Penal Handcuffs.
  • In SOTFS HD when you equip the ring it seems the statues in drangleic castle aren't hostile.


King's Ring Locations



  • King Vendrick will be walking around near the ring. He will not be hostile towards the player. Attacking with massive amounts of damage will cause him to turn hostile and engage a boss fight which will put up a fog wall at the entrance. If the player dies a new fog wall will be infront of the room which houses King Vendrick.
  • Talking to the old firekeeper in Things Betwixt after obtaining the ring will net 6 Human Effigies. If soul level 1 then she will not give the effigies and will only say to "go along now."
  • Talking to Grave Warden Agdayne after getting the ring will net Agdayne's armor and the Darkdrift katana.
  • Ring is removed from player's inventory upon entering a new game cycle.
  • Upon obtaining the ring, Stone Trader Chloanne will sell various infusion stones.


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    • Anonymous

      In SotFS, I just learned that talking to the old firekeeper with 94 or above Human Effigies in inventory causes the box to appear that says she is giving you 6, and your inventory is full. I sat at bonfire and moved 10 HE to storage. Returned to talk to her, and successfully received the 6 effigies. Thankfully the game didn't decide to say "ya missed yer chance, sonny!"

      • Anonymous

        I talked to the ladder guy in majula with the ring on and he gave me his scimitar. Leningrast gave me a hammer also.

        • Anonymous

          In Dragon Shine, the soldiers (except for the giant soldiers) are bowing to you if you're wearing the King's Ring.

          • Anonymous

            In SotFS, the Stone Knights in Drangleic Castle don't come to life with this ring on, but will still activate and attack you if you hit them regardless.

            • Anonymous

              On the original game, the old ladies will not give you the six effigies with ANY base level character. This does not just refer to SL1. Just tried with an SL14 (base level) cleric. No joy.

              • Anonymous

                “If soul level 1 then she will not give the effigies...” You must be a helluva good Souls player to get this ring at SL1

                • Anonymous

                  You do not need the kings ring to get the trader to sell infusion stones. The trigger is also possibly related to how much you spend on her.

                  • Anonymous

                    Killed velstadt and reached in the room with vendrick, ring wasn't there next to clothes like ysyal, I tried resetting the game and everything but nothing is working. Any idea why?

                    • Anonymous

                      So I've beaten all 4 great souls, and beat the demon of song. But when I go to Vendricks tome, it won't let me get the ring. And idk why, could it be that where I've fought 2 great souls with bonfire ascetics?

                      • Anonymous

                        Tried to edit this but the button isn't responding for some reason :/ Anyway, wearing the ring near the stone Syan Knight right outside of the door leading to the Throne of Want (King's Gate bonfire) will cause the Syan Knight to remain in stone form, i.e. not attack you. Removing the ring will trigger his de-petrifying visual effect, and he will begin attacking you. Have yet to test on other enemies e.g. Primal Knights outside the castle, though.

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