Sanctum Soldier

HP NG: 850
NG+: 1100
NG+7: 2000
Souls: NG: 550
NG+: 1100
NG+7: 2200
Weakness Dark, Physical
Resistance Fire, Magic, Lightning
Respawns YES

Sanctum Soldier is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Sanctum Soldier Information


Soldiers that constituted the main military force which served under the rule of the "Sunken King" in a long forgotten kingdom from eons past.

Their once high quality equipment has been twisted and warped by the toxic miasma ejected from Sinh the Slumbering dragon, whilst their flesh and bones have rotted and degraded over the course of countless years of hollowing. These once proud defenders of a magnificent kingdom have now been reduced to almost mindless sentries of a crumbling ruin but; even still, their loyalty to defend has not wavered and they will not tolerate perceived threats to their land.






Strategy Tips

  • I recommend circling around with a shield with high physical and poison such as the Red Rush Shield and simply backstabbing.
  • Due to their high Poise rating, it is recommended that you use the Stone Ring against them.
  • They are pretty easy to parry. So; bait, parry and laugh.
  • Keep your distance during the spinning attack.


Move Set

  • Jumping Smash (2H-Mace): Leaps a medium distance and brings the mace down in an overhead smash. Roll to the sides, don't bother parrying. Can be blocked.
  • Two-hit-combo (2H-Mace): Uses their mace in two forward swings, the first going DOWNWARD, and the second sweeping HORIZONTALLY. Can be blocked and parried, though the timing if the latter is rather hard to nail.
  • Lance Charge (1H-Lance): Sprints forwards with their lance raised, inflicting multiple damage procs, similar to the player's lance 1-hand strong-attack. Can be blocked, but the multiple and consecutive hits means you're stamina will be taking a huge beating. Parrying is unreliable to impossible. (In experience, others might find parrying them perfectly manageable.) If you do manage to dodge backward fast enough, the charge leaves them vulnerable at the end. Prime time for free hits.
  • Lance Jab (1H-Lance): Simple forward lance jab once. Can be blocked and parried.
  • Shoot Arrows (Archer): Shoots arrows at the player from a distance. Deals Poison damage. Will switch to a sword when the player approaches them.



  • EVERY VARIANT of the Sanctum Soldiers inflict Poison damage with all of their attacks, and are also immune to Poison themselves.
  • Some Sanctum Soldiers in the Dragon Sanctum appear to have a cloud of Poison surrounding them. This is like a Poison-version of Immolation, deals poison damage in melee range. Soldiers outside in the open dont seem to have this aura, only the ones inside the Sanctum do.
  • They CAN heal with Estus flasks if you retreat mid-combat, so be wary. 
  • Insane elemental resistances, but they seem to have their Dark resistance lower than others. If melee isn't an option, hexes are your next best option.


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