Sanctum Soldier

HP ??
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Sanctum Soldier is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Sanctum Soldier Information


Soldiers that constituted the main military force which served under the rule of the "Sunken King" in a long forgotten kingdom from eons past.

Their once high quality equipment has been twisted and warped by the toxic miasma ejected from Sinh the Slumbering dragon, whilst their flesh and bones have rotted and degraded over the course of countless years of hollowing. These once proud defenders of a magnificent kingdom have now been reduced to almost mindless sentries of a crumbling ruin but; even still, their loyalty to defend has not wavered and they will not tolerate perceived threats to their land.






Strategy Tips

  • I recommend circling around with a shield with high physical and poison such as the Red Rush Shield and simply backstabbing.
  • Due to their high Poise rating, it is recommended that you use the Stone Ring against them.
  • They are pretty easy to parry. So; bait, parry and laugh.
  • Keep your distance during the spinning attack


Move Set

  • Two hit combo
  • Two-handed attack



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    • Anonymous

      04 Apr 2019 04:52  

      I found that two handing Santier’s spear can stagger them well as maybe a heavier twin blade. Use the light attack and you are golden

      • Anonymous

        29 Oct 2018 21:27  

        I hate them. I hate them so *****ing much. Why did they have to put 4-5 of them in one spot, all attacking as soon as you hurt one of them? ARGH I HATE IT

        • Anonymous

          04 Jul 2018 20:27  

          "Due to their high poise rating, using the stone ring is recommended."
          When even using the stone ring AND a greatweapon doesn't even stagger them with heavy attacks...

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