Dark Spirit - Forrest Grotesque (Goblin)

HP NG+:1155
NG+7: 2200
Weakness Fire
Resistance Magic
Immune -

Dark Spirit - Forrest Grotesque (Goblin) is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Dark Spirit - Forrest Grotesque (Goblin) Information


"Goblins are humanoid creatures that lurk in the Shaded Woods. These deformed monstrosities give a grotesque impression and do not appear to be products of a natural evolution; rather they seem to have once been human. What twisted force could have rent their humanity and left them in this sad state...? "






Strategy Tips

  • Have the same attacks as the regular Forest Grotesques but with higher HP. Still rather easy to kill.


Move Set

  • Punches (Inflicts poison)
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked.



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