Roaming Soul - Foreign Wanderer

HP NG+:2,500
NG+7: 5,200
Weakness Magic
Resistance Fire
Immune -

Roaming Soul - Foreign Wanderer is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. Hollow Travelers are enemies in Dark Souls II. They can first be encountered behind the first fog wall after the Things Betwixt bonfire.


Roaming Soul - Foreign Wanderer


"Hollow Travelers appear to be undead that sought a cure for the curse, much like the player. However, they succumbed to hollowing before they could fulfill their purpose
Hollow Travelers possess light weapons like daggers, bows, or none at all. They also wear very little armor, so they are minor threats; even to inexperienced players
Hollow Travelers deal negligible damage with their fists and arrows, but the dagger wielding ones may leave more of a scratch






Strategy Tips

  • Rush or bait their attacks and dodge/block and then dispatch. Ranged classes take out from range.


Move Set

  • --



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