Hollow Mage (Black) (Necromancer)

HP NG: 600
NG+: 1,100
NG+7: 1,800
Weakness Yearn
Alluring Skull
Strike Attacks
Resistance Thrust Attacks
Respawns No: Majula
Yes:Harvest Valley

Hollow Mage (Black) (Necromancer) is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Hollow Mage (Black) (Necromancer) Information


"Black Hollow Mage will not only cast powerful sorceries at the player but will also reanimate nearby skeletons with necromancy. They will not respawn so killing them is top priority if you don't want to have to deal with an endless stream of skeletons. however, it implies that getting their hood, robe and staff is extremely difficult. however, they do respawn in Undead Purgatory as long as Executioner's Chariot is alive. Their white counterpart can be seen Brightstone Cove Tseldora, although their hoods are entirely different.

Once, they were Drangleic Mages, now long tainted by the effects of Hollowing. Keeping to traditions of their old life, Hollow Mages' genders can be distinguished by the color of their robes; Black Hollow Mages are confirmed to be female, and follow the Old King. Their duty is to resurrect the dead in the purgatory so the others can hunt for them for leisure. In contrast, White Hollow Mages are male. They resided in Tseldora and conducting experiment on spider and sorcery; their roles are identical to that of the Channeler.

Unlike their counterpart in Dark Souls, which primarily uses pyromancy and reanimating the dead with no sigil, this time, they primarily uses sorcery, and every time when they reanimate the dead, they now have a gesture, a purple aura identical to Soul Geyser's charing smoke, wielded with both hand and plunging to the ground, in a manner of two handed strong attack, a purple sigil identical to the one from Heal miracle will appear (not the case in Beta), now the corpses are once again lived, oddly, you cannot perform the same moveset with their staff...

"The origin of these Necromancers is unknown, but it is possible that they served the Old King during the Undead Hunts in this forest. They are found near Skeleton Lords' domain - perhaps they now serve them as their new masters"
- Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition Guide "

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Strategy Tips

  • Int + Faith build: Lure the skeletons with Yearn and knock them down with Force to dispatch her minions painlessly, spell lock the necromancer with Profound Still and then take her down.
  • Melee: use Alluring Skull to drive out her minions and then dispatch her as soon as possible


Move Set

  • Homing Soul Arrow: Acquirable by players .
    • Magic Damage
    • Can be blocked/spell parry
  • Soul Arrow Barricade: Unique to Hollow Mage (black and white) .
    • Magic Damage
    • Can be blocked/spell parry
  • Staff Bashing: bashes players with her staff.
    • Physcial Damage
    • Can be blocked/parry
  • Animate Dead: Reanimates skeleton, deals no damage.



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Concept Art

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    • Anonymous

      29 Jun 2019 21:36  

      Hello, The location is wrong I believe. I've never seen one of those in the Majula mansion, nor in harvest valley. However, I've seen them in : - Huntsman's copse (the cave left to the bonfire where Breighton is locked up, not sure about his name though, the second bonfire basically, the one you need a key to go in) ; - in the boss battle against the skeleton on horse charriot right before the purgatory of death ; And that's about it. Maybe I forgot some place where they appear, but I definitely saw them in those I've just mentioned.

      • Anonymous

        04 Aug 2017 05:23  

        This says you find them in Cale's basement but i've never seen one there. When does that happenn or how do I make it spawn? Is it a ng+ only thing?

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