Maldron the Assassin

HP ??
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Maldron the Assassin is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Maldron the Assassin Information

The armor set he wears is a combination of the Alva Helm, Royal Swordsman Armor, Heide Knight Gauntlets and Royal Swordsman Leggings. He also uses the Rebel's Greatshield and the Heide Greatlance.





Strategy Tips

  • Using a weapon that can flatten or knock down humanoid enemies works against him.


Move Set

  • Confident two-handed lance charge



  • In Brume Tower, this red phantom will run downstairs towards the Ashen Idol to heal up when his health is around 50% (luring you into an ambush/cursing area if not cleared beforehand). It is possible to kill him on the way down.
  • In Brume Tower, if his health gets low when the player is far from him (by using Dark Fog), he will use sliver tailsman to hide himself.
  • His Heide Greatlance does not deal lightning damage.
  • He's also able to guard break and backstab you.
  • Will perform the "Mock" gesture if he kills the player in Brume Tower
  • In Eleum Loyce, he has quite the behavior. Upon encountering him, he will do the "Righty-Ho" or "Wave" gesture followed by the "Welcome" gesture. After that he will stand in front of you until he finds an opportunity to backstab you. He will do the "No Way" gesture if you take a while looking at him and then you get one-shotted by his backstab or he will do the "Decapitate" gesture after he one-shot backstabs you right away, one-shot backstabs you after turning the lever ahead of him, or attacking him then he kills you in any way. If you do attack him, he runs away to a dead end by the gate to the Covetous Demon where there's an Ice Hedgehog there so he can drink Estus, or if you've already opened the gate he runs through and he hides by the demon. If you fall down the ledge before you find him he somehow manages to lure the nearby white Covetous Demon to you where he now makes his final stand against you. If he wins he will do the "Mock" gesture or the "Decapitation" gesture depending on how much HP he and the Covetous Demon have remaining. He does "Mock" if they both have 50%+ HP left upon your death or "Decapitate" gesture if both have below 50% HP left upon your death.
  • Be wary of his dashing attack since it can knock you down the tower, leading to your death.
  • Possible to have enemies turn against him with a Seed of a Tree of Giants at Brume Tower encounter, but not during second encounter in Crown of the Ivory King.
  • However he can be used for turning against invaders along with other non-phantom enemies with Seed of a Tree of Giants at Crown of the Ivory King. 


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    • Anonymous

      21 Jul 2021 14:39  

      Totally glad I had no idea about this guy when I got around to the DLC and completely fell for his bait in Eleum Loyce

      • Anonymous

        17 Jul 2021 13:34  

        a Japanese youtuber made some interesting connection between him and patches, he uses a lance (spear) and a great shield, has wierd patches-like behaviors, and most importantly his name in Japaneseマルドロ could be the abbreviation for 丸禿げ泥棒 which literally means a fully bold thief

        • Anonymous

          25 Jun 2021 21:44  

          This guy would have a been a perfect troll if DS2 hadn't already exhausted every last shred of your patience with the innumerable traps, ambushes and general d***ish behaviour by the time you encounter him. Honestly I would have happily tipped the cap to the DS2 team when he backstabbed me in Eleum after I decided to let him follow me but by that stage I was so tilted by the game that it was just another nail in the coffin containing my good faith.

          • Anonymous

            16 May 2021 08:59  

            I died to this guy like 10 times but every single time I burst out laughing. This NPC is annoying and hilarious at the same time

            • Anonymous

              01 Feb 2021 03:47  

              you can actually use the seed of tree of giants when he's about to escape and let the possessed armor do the job

              • Anonymous

                08 Jan 2021 16:03  

                Lore-wise, I actually believe that he and Jester Thomas are agents sent after you, sou you would not acquire the lost crowns

                • Anonymous

                  23 Oct 2020 17:58  

                  I remember in Eleum Loyce when I saw him and thought he was a friend, but as soon as I pulled the lever I got 1 hit backstabbed by him.

                  What a cheeky bastard

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Aug 2020 23:35  

                    Man I love this guy, on the Brume tower invasion I got riposte on him when the fight started and he instantly booked it down the tower. I saw the enemies down there and decided to use a giant tree seed and I watched his health bar get demolished in 10 seconds, that was pretty cool. Also I should say that when he runs down the tower he initially stands in front of the ashen idol and heals to prevent you from killing her before he chameleons, what an absolute mad lad. You guys can hate on my homie Maldron but at least he isn’t fencer frickin sharron, she killed me more times than the fume knight did.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Jul 2020 04:09  

                      I hate and love this guy! On my first playthrough a few weeks ago he rekt me in the Brume Tower. Not because he's to strong, but his stupid marathon run caught me off guard and I immediately got gank spanked by him and some enemies. Later in Eleum Loyce I recognized him and was like "nah fam, I won't fall for your stupid white phantom trick" so I attacked him. He run away, I opened the gates by the lever and... He was nowhere to be found. I learned that day the hard way that you NEVER open the gate while he is still alive. He ran to the Demon and ganked me again only to mock me with the decapitate gesture. This guy is just awesome. He's like a mini FighterPL.

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Jun 2020 07:15  

                        I went afk for a bit before trasversing the chain leading to his spot at Brume Tower, cause i got a work call. Then at some point i went back a bit clearing the big Ashen area and i got the message that he has returned to his world, like he had black crystaled out. Anybody else?

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