Armorer Dennis

HP 2,570/ 3,100/5860
Weakness Projectile
Resistance -
Respawns No

Armorer Dennis is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Armorer Dennis Information


A Red Phantom with a wide array of spells at his disposal.

Only appears in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.





Strategy Tips

  • Can be stunlocked using Heavy Great Hammer and Ultra Greatsword 2H attacks (found on Wikidot page)
  • Attack him during his cast animations to interrupt his spells, but mind his Soul Greatswords and panic Soul Flashes (found on Wikidot page)
  • He uses a very predictable three-hit combo when tangling in melee. Hide behind your shield long enough to pick up the up-down-up rhythm and you can consistently parry his third swing in no time (found on Wikidot page)
  • Roll to his right side during his sword attacks, then use a 1H Mace or Hammer to strike until poise break, and then attempt to backstab during his recovery frames. Move quickly so he doesn't roll away. This strategy has been tested with the Craftsman's Hammer +2.
  • A 100% Magic Damage Resistance shield, or any shield imbued with the Magic Shield Sorcery, can help to tank his spells, although it is recommended to evade his spells with movement rather than blocking due to stability and stamina loss from blocking
  • Equipping Spell Quartz Ring or using the Magic Barrier miracle can also assist in tanking damage
  • There is a summon sign for Ruined Aflis between the Cardinal Tower and Soldier's Rest bonfires, which can make the Forest of the Fallen Giants fight way easier
  • May be able to summon Lucatiel to make the Iron Keep fight easier (requires further testing)
  • Can be cheesed in Forest of the Fallen Giants by retreating to the top of the stairs before the dark skeleton hallway and hitting him with a bow and arrows from atop the stairs (requires further testing)
  • Twin Dragon Greatshield (can be bought from Maughlin the Armorer) and Flame Longsword (found in a chest in a tunnel with a Flame Lizard) can be used to bait and counter with limited spell usage for a slow yet safe fight (strategy contributed from comments section)
  • Red Iron Twinblade moveset is very effective for stunlocking (strategy contributed from comments section)
  • For those who are feeling particularly sadistic, a Seed of a Tree of Giants can be selected as a starting item on the character select screen, and used for this fight. Armorer Dennis + Giant Tree Seed + A half dozen Ironclad Knights = Dennis Pancakes (strategy contributed from comments section)


Move Set

  • Uses Blue Flame sword moveset and blocks with Grand Spirit Tree Shield
  • Melee attacks seem to only include 3x 1H swings before rolling away and casting a random spell
  • Many Sorceries including Soul Greatsword, Soul Spear, Soul Vortex, and Soul Flash



  • Can be cheesed in Iron Keep by exploiting his AI and forcing him to fall into lava or stand on a magma rock
  • Can be poisoned
  • Greets the player with the Decapitate gesture


    • Anonymous

      01 May 2019 12:19  

      easy man with the seed that is dropped by the tree in the room he spawns in. use the seed, lure this guy to the roof with 3 mutant ninja turtles and they will do the job for you

      • Anonymous

        30 Apr 2018 20:12  

        This guy is easy to kill,just be sure to stunlock him and run away if he start casting serious damaging spell.
        Killed him in NG+ with the double red sword found in Amana.

        • Anonymous

          08 Sep 2017 07:56  

          I beat him with the flame long sword and the great shield you can buy at the start in Majula. Circle strafe. Bait out attacks then block and then counter with 2 attacks. Interrupt any spells he tried to cast. If you try to just hold your shield up he'll bash you and then combo 2 attacks. If you need to heal just dash around the doorway in the room before the bonfire.

          • Anonymous

            12 Jan 2017 00:50  

            As a Human, you can summon a Shadow that is very useful against him. His summoning symbol is right after the entrance of the dark hallway. (Scholar of the first Sin)

            • Anonymous

              26 Dec 2016 14:53  

              try to lure him all the way back that you came from.
              past the corridor with skeletons up the stairs in the room that give access to the big root.
              seems he can't enter the room, so you can easily kill him from the distance with ranged attacks.
              watch out for his spells once in a while.
              this works for me.

              • Anonymous

                Thought he was a real player23 Sep 2016 19:38  

                Spam me like hell, continiously invade me each time i launch a game. Was near the third bonfire of the fallen giants forest, where you fight 4 Ironclad turtle at the same time. So rushing between the ironclad make them to be agro by this sucker Dennis as he run after you too. And even Dennis can't tank 4 Ironclad at the same time so here's how i finally get released of him.

                • Anonymous

                  This guy is indeed BS11 Sep 2016 23:50  

                  Fought this guy at low level with Ruined Aflis helping. The only way I could effectively kill him without getting myself killed was to trade him back and forth with my NPC summon. It took 6 backstabs combined with normal attacks to kill this asshole! He is one of the tankiest NPCs I have ever fought in a souls game.

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