Pagan Tree

HP ??
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Pagan Tree is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Pagan Tree Information

A strange tree found deep within Shulva... 







Strategy Tips

  • There are statues with glowing red eyes in the cave wall. Destroy them with ranged attacks to reveal a switch that will raise a platform to the other side.
    (Just jump to the platform and hit switch by any arrow or bolt)


Move Set

  • ??



  • If the tree is hit with a whip, it will emit a strange aura that repairs equipment durability. Broken items will also be repaired.
    • This is a very efficient and cost effective way of repairing multiple equipment.
    • Broken items are only repaired if they are equipped while hitting the tree.
  • The first two hits will activate the repair aura but hitting it a third time will kill it and the aura will not activate.
    • You can heal it with Warmth or Miracles so he can take more hits.
    • In Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, The tree dies if you hit it multiple times a whip (Any whip will work). Hitting it with anything else will not give you the repair effect and in a few hits you can kill it.
    • Hitting the tree with a whip's guard break attack will repair your equipment without damaging the tree.
  • It re-spawns like normal enemies.
  • If the tree despawns it can be revived with the use of a Bonfire Ascetic of the first bonfire of the DLC.


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    • Anonymous

      So in Dark Souls 1 you had: Giant talking Mushroom lady that sells repair powder and the repair spell

      And in Dark Souls 2 you have:
      A Masochistic magic tree that repairs your stuff as thanks for whipping it.
      Makes sense

      • Anonymous

        I'm pretty sure this guy was originally cut from the game due to time constraints and they scaled him down and stuck him in an obscure part of the DLC as a memorial. He was probably meant to be a boss battle or a sentient location, as the walkable path around his face indicates.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone else notice the ramp going up the outside edge of this thing? I think it was designed to be gigantic but they didnt have space for it in the story lol

          • Anonymous

            If it a Pagan Tree, then people who wack this tree is probably the Catholic.
            They want to burn it down like those 1000000+ Roman Era book.

            • Anonymous

              I didn't kill it. I like that there's this bizarre, unique thing that exists and would hate to see it destroyed.

              • Anonymous

                speaking of mother 3, it has a sad ending = ‎ ......................... also legend of artorias by terramantis =

                • Anonymous

                  It only cries when you attack it, yellow saps coming out of its eyes like tears. Its like it endured so much pain already in the past even before the player arrived, and left the whip there. All it does is help people, and cry.

                  • Anonymous

                    In the old GBA game "Mother 3", there is an "enemy" called "Walking Bushie" which is a walking bush. When you encounter it, it will restore-your-HP / heal-your-negative-effects / other-good-things no matter what you do (skip turn or attack it). Walking Bushie NEVER harm you. It will run away eventually. I am NOT saying it inspired the making of "Pagan Tree", but it just reminds me.

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